What a stunning photo of LYTTLETON HARBOUR, SOUTH ISLAND NEW ZEALAND. This would be the first real sight of NEW ZEALAND, and landfall for our gallant gutsy ancestors from EUROPE,  after 3months   grueling sea voyage.  Some runs from EUROPE &  ENGLAND were good, other plagued by sickness, foul weather and death...Some vessels were well managed and well run, others not so good with tales of horror to be told and many deaths to record on landfall, such was the fate of  the  immigrants to this  new land of NEW ZEALAND on the other side of the world.
This photograph shows the settlers  at LYTTLETON already well established with their roads in place and fairly comfortable cottages to be seen, however a very different picture would have met the eyes of the first batches of pioneers in the early 1800's. Rich green bush, mud tracks , tents and a very few shacks, a shanty town which would grow each time a vessel loaded with goods equipment, stock and the settlers themselves arrived, adding to the swelling population, even our song birds that we take for granted, were brought out from ENGLAND. & EUROPE Everything that we take for granted, had to be shipped out to this new  wild land. How magnificent they were these wonderful ancestors of ours, it's only when one reads through the shipping lists  and sees the thousands upon thousands of young people, who made that sometime perilous journey to the new colonies and carved out a civilized Empire through sheer hard work and grit! I salute them!, there were tales of the settlers tramping over  the port  hills to Christchurch, pretty arduous carrying your goods, stores etc., with those long skirts and kids in tow, my lot settled in Marshlands which was reclaimed land, hence the name..., now in the face of the disasterous 2011 earthquakes, with sink holes, and literally tons and tons of sand/silt erupting to the surface, destroying roads, houses, land  much of this reclaimed land is uninhabitable, something the settlers to the new land would have never dreamt could happen, a similar fate has befallen most  of the inner city of VChristChurches  most beautiful Victorian building errected by our ancestors with much pride in their heritage, indeed a calamity for a beautiful city..
There still are Langes living in Christchurch, one Margaret Lange, has been it touch and kindly donated pictutes and information for this website, many thanks Margaret!
LYTTELTON is a quaint township perched on the hillside overlooking its harbour. It is situated only 13 kilometres from  CHRISTCHURCH,    LYTTELTON  has fine old HISTORIC COLONIAL BUILDINGS , CHURCHES, and VICTORIAN COTTAGES.   LYTTELTON is a busy and major port for the SOUTH ISLAND OF NEW ZEALAND.  CHRISTCHURCH the SOUTH ISLANDS largest city is situated on the AVON and HEATHCOTE   RIVERS,  and located at the edge of the CANTERBURY PLAINS. Backed by the PORT HILLS  it has very beautiful  PARKS  with  gardens, rivers  and beaches at every turn. CHRISTCHURCH is like a typical ENGLISH CITY with its GOTHIC ARCHITECTURE, STATUES, AND FORMAL ENGLISH  STYLE PARKS & GARDENS. There s a very wonderful blend of the old with the new. The township of ARAKORA,  built into the hillside overlooking its harbour of the same name. Originally a FRENCH SETTLEMENT, AKAROA  offers  its own  special unique blend of European  buildings and atmosphere....alas since the 2011 deadly earthquake and its aftermath, many historic homes/buildings edifices have gone forever, buildings that our hardy ancestors erected with much civic pride.......
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Picturesque LYTTELTON HARBOUR  today..
Lange,  Suddens
Wilhelmina Helena Hedwig  Kraenzlin/Lange, our Great Grand Mother, I have the notion that HEDWIG was possibly her mothers maiden name?Aunt Amy Lange, and Emily BryantAunt Martha LANGE  (middle)Sisters Martha lange & Clara Lange, they had one brother George LANGEGodfrey Lange our Great grandfather, Godfrey's brother Carl also migrated to NZ and settled in Ch Ch Alsace Lorriane, France, home of some of our forebearsAlsace,Lorraine, FranceLorraine bridge METZVessel HerefordGreat Grandma Kraenzlin/Lange//Meires