OUR Lange-Bryant Family's European blood lines  & the Rh Negative Blood Factor...
Well guys you are in good company, a lot of the Elite ( so called blue bloods)families in Europe have/had this rare blood grouping as does the British Royal Family, Charles is O- as is the Queen, William is rh negative as will be his Kate to make sure the children are rh negative...hmmmm interesting? Kate is actually related back ( BLOOD LINES) to the British Royal Family a few generations back.... there would it appears, to be a concentrated effort to keep the Royal rh negative lineage going?
However this is to explore our immediate family lines/genealogy re the  rh negative blood factor and how it may effect you and yours, this may effect some and then again it may not..
it is a very important factor if you are a rh negative woman and your husband/partner is rh positive, this could and will effect your children if any are born  rh positive...put very simply your blood will form anti bodies and try to destroy your unborn rh positive baby if you are rh negative blood group......the  negative and positive blood groups are simply not compatible....it is NOT a disease as some medical sites state, it is merely INCOMPATABILITY of blood groups....
Many still born and babies that died very shortly after birth, severely jaundiced in the old days, were most possibly  the end result of the mixing of incompatible bloodlines...........more on this here ..... RH NEGATIVE BLOOD GROUPS SITE

Your rh negative blood is RARE.......if you have rh negative blood type you are SPECIAL..
medical science cannot clone your blood.....
you can only receive blood from your own blood group,
or 0 rh negative blood, which is the Universal donor..
I would be interested to know the concentration of rh negative blood in our collective families.
l only found out what my blood group was when I became a blood donor many years ago....my blood group was rh negative B, 1.39% which at the time meant absolutely nothing to me......
I had  4 boys all well though the twins were born prem and jaundiced,at a later date when I became interested in this blood group thing, I found my first two births were O rh neg, and later my twins were O rh positive, carrying he recessive rh negative gene..aha.....on further investigation, I found my late husband was  rh 0 positive carrying the rh negative gene, ( his ancestors from SPAIN)  hmmmm that was interesting .....
So then found out my Mother, Nellie Rosina Bryant, was a rh AB negative the rarest in the world!  only 0.49%, the same blood group,that is on the SHROUD OF TURIN....weird what?
As she was the youngest of a very large family who all survived (I know one baby was born dead), both parents must have been either rh negative and/or carried the recessive rh negative gene for 10 children to live in those early days, ( no rhogan shots then) so all their children must have  rh negative blood and/or carry the recessive rh negative gene...fascinating to say the least!
On her Mother Clara Helenas side , Langes, go back to to FRANCE-LORRAINE - POLAND -STETTIN,SZCZECIN- ALCASE-GERMANY, which borders on SPAIN.....from GERMANY the LANGE FAMILIES migrated to NEW ZEALAND & AMERICA etc.,
Mums Father Granddad Byrant, husband of Clara Helena LANGE .... his lineage goes back to through England, SCOTLAND,FRANCE,BRIENNE HUGENOTS... France again, so one can see how the rh negative bloodline HAS  come through EUROPE on both sides .......

Now with my own paternal lineage, BLOMVYLE we have gone back to..... yes you guessed it NORMANDY FRANCE 1020, so my rh negative blood comes from both side of the genalogy tree back to FRANCE-EUROPE.interesting isn't it?
The World rh negative blood line can be traced to its 2nd highest concentration, the Basques, on the border of SPAIN/FRANCE..(this could explain the area where our   RARE BLOOD LINE  originates....then to the Middle East..MORROCO- IRAQ...the highest concentration of rh negative blood in the world....now that's a very intuiging interesting concept too..for now the region of ancient SUMER  comes into the whole picture..but thats another story.....
DNA studies on ancient Egyptian mummies have found  a large number to be rh negative blood including RAMSES 11, who was a rh negative B, 1.39% world wide.....same blood type and group as me..

A point in fact is that...Medical science has not made any in depth study on how drugs effect rh negative people, all medical research is done with rhesus monkeys, we do not have the rhesus monkey protein in/on our cells so that medical research does nothing for us at all. The rh factor in blood was only discovered in 1937, so is relatively new in medicine....
you may be allergic to some/most drugs, metals, foods, this could be your blood group..I find both Mother and I were are highly allergic to IODINE,
I cannot wear base metals, only GOLD and SILVER, FLORIDE is utter poison to us,avoid it at all costs, then there's foods, a lot of negative blood types are alergic to gluten ( wheat) this is pretty common....I find 'eating for your blood type' very helpful, mainly eat as pure as possible, a hard thing to do these days when our food is full of chemicals! The dulling down of the masses...read all your labels and eat and live as pure as possible..

For pregnant women or if you wish to have a child, please find out what yours & husband/partners blood groups are, most important for your unborn baby and you!
They have a shot now  they want to give you now called RHOGAN, check this out thoroughly online, if you are a rh negative woman and your baby is rh negative you do NOT NEED THE RHOGAN SHOT...you only need it if your baby is rh positive...and you are rh negative .....do your homework and don't be bullied into taking drugs you do not need, it could harm your baby...and remember in is NOT A DISEASE as some Medical fraternity would have you believe, it is merely incompatibility.....
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There is an absolutely total lot of utter garbage sites online relating to rh negative blood/'reptiles' and other lurid rubbish and queries as to where it has originated, avoid these sites like the plague, be selective in your research as there is so much misinformation out there..
the link above is impartial and very interesting as most members are  rh negative, so its worth having a look,... but...be your own judge!
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